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Skyborne Cottages!

Nestled on top of Kempshot Hill two thousand feet above sea level, but only about twenty minutes from central Montego Bay, it is one of Jamaica’s best kept geographical secrets, offering panoramic views of Jamaica’s North Coast.

Built in the 1950’s by the Novaks one of Hollywood’s most famous families, the property was further developed by a few other owners, until it was acquired in the 1980’s by the Morgan family who added “Fern”, a quaint little cottage, to the family of cottages- Heliconia, Begonia, Anthurium- all spread across the three-acre property.  Skyborne is well-known for its culinary, gastronomical, cultural, historical and art exhibitions, as well as its outdoor event spaces.

Skyborne Cottages

Although it is said that you are what you eat, at Skyborne Cottages we are proud to say that we grow what you eat. Being health enthusiasts, the Morgan family cultivated Skyborne’s rich organic gardens with your well-being in mind, excluding all the harmful chemical processes associated with modern farming so that we can proudly provide our guests with an experience that truly defines from farm, to table.

Our property is the ultimate wellness sanctuary for mental health and physical health interests, and others simply looking for peace of mind and relaxation.

Skyborne Cottages

Our property features and accommodation packages include organic on-site farm to table nutrition, mind and body recovery rituals, natural healing rainwater therapy, therapeutic massages, fresh rain water indoor and outdoor showers, and baths, nature paths, cooking classes, art therapy, and so much more!

Guests also enjoy our holistic wellness packages which incorporate sensible nutrition and exercise programs and counselling, designed toward detoxifying the mind and body and clearing the path toward healing from various chronic illness and diseases.

Skyborne is truly the only place in the world of it’s kind and we can’t wait to share this special place with you.